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How Much Does A Chiropractic Visit Cost?

We are a little different than most other offices.

Pacific Vibes Chiropractic is an affordable cash pay practice*.

We do not place our patients on unnecessary treatment plans, but instead, empower and trust our patients to manage their own health; allowing them to schedule each visit as they choose.

Our pricing below is straight-forward, no surprise hidden costs.

*Superbill Provided for Insurance Company Upon Request

Image by Jesper Aggergaard

New Patient

New Chiropractic Patient Exam and Treatment (60 min)

- Consultation & Examination

- Full Treatment including Manual Soft Tissue/Muscle Work along with Chiropractic Adjustments

** Please see "New Patient Paperwork" Below. 



Image by Andre Hunter

Existing Patient

Existing Chiropractic Patient

Treatment Session (30 min)

- Full Spine and Extremity Adjustments with Manual Soft Tissue/Muscle Work.

- If you are dealing with a Specific Issue, we will spend the majority of your appointment addressing that.

**There are available options to add additional time to your appointment if you have multiple issues.




Myofascial Cupping & Graston Therapy

New or Existing Patient (30 min)

- Restorative myofascial cupping for your back muscles or other areas of concern.

-Graston technique is typically incorporated into this appointment to further address soft tissue and muscles.



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