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 - It's A Vibe -

At Pacific Vibes Chiropractic we focus on wellness with high attention paid to muscle and joint dysfunction.

We understand the importance of a properly functioning nervous system to overall health and it is our passion to help create healthy individuals, which in turn helps foster a healthier community.

We seek to empower everyone to recognize and reach their ultimate potential when it comes to health.


Read below to see how we differ from every other chiropractor in town.


Pacific Vibes Chiropractic places an extremely high value on getting to know every individual that we have the pleasure of serving. One of the first things people notice when coming to our office is that they never feel rushed. We always take the necessary time to make sure we fully understand your concerns and let you know how we can address them. Your first appointment will be 60 minutes, and all follow-up visits are scheduled for 30 - 60 minutes. You will never feel like "just a number", for we want everyone to feel like they are getting the care they deserve. We also understand that no two individuals are the same so we do not take a cookie-cutter approach to the care we deliver in our office. We individualize our approach to your specific needs every time you come see us.

We do not put our practice members on treatment plans. While it is no secret that we know a whole lot about your body, we will never know it better than you. You will never hear us say that you need to come see us two or three times a week for a certain period of time. We believe that by letting you know exactly what is going on with your body that you will do what is best for you, your schedule, and your budget. We are firm believers that if you value the care and the relationships you build with us, that you will come back. The patients at Pacific Vibes love this collaborative approach to their care!


Our promise to you is to deliver the most effective and attentive chiropractic and wellness care that we possibly can. We are always looking for ways to better serve our family here at Pacific Vibes, as
well as in our community. We welcome all feedback on how we may better serve you!

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